Smart and secure platform to implement innovative Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications for managing devices and connected things.

MonGuard's Value Proposition

To deliver a better value a IoT platform needs to provide not only the traditional supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) but also other services that reduce the operational costs.
Work order processing and cybersecurity are two such integrated features of MonGuard that reduce operational costs and improve ROI.

MonGuard's Work Order System

A smooth installation, maintenance and servicing process can reduce field-operations' coordination and save on operational costs.
Capital investment (COO) and fit into existing processes are important but ROI is impacted by operational costs.
This is especially true with IoT systems that include thousands of devices spread over large areas. In the long run, field operations' coordination helps a lot as we have demonstrated many times.
MonGuard integrated work order processing system has a proven record of reducing lead times and improving productivity of the field crew.


Real-time monitoring of thousands of devices wherever their locations are one of the basic features of the MonGuard platform. All shown on maps at various scales. A wide range of standards and protocols are supported by the platform; Both customized and open standard based connectivity.

Cyber Security

One of the primary objects of the MonGuard platform is security. Through alerts and indicators, and constant monitoring and security analysis, the platform guards against cyber attacks, and closes such vulnerabilities. Security analysis is a proactive approach to providing a secure system.


MonGuard platform facilitates connection of any type of sensor to the system very quickly. The platform makes secure connections to the security enabled devices or the gateways that are connected to the devices. It provides process transparency right up to the equipment level.

Field Service

Servicing IoT devices spread over a large geographical area can be a challenge. A quick notification to the crew of a faulty device helps the crew fix the problem quickly before any significant damage or loss in productivity happens. Multimedia enabled work orders are filed from the field as the installation and maintenance is being done, eliminating paper work.


MonGuard provides the ability to create reports, graphs, dashboards that give process transperancy. The ability to manage processes rather than merely devices. The framework allows for easy extensions, some without any knowledge of programming. It uses an easy extensible API for application integration.


The data collected from devices can be processed by any number of algorithms and tools in the way that facilitates insight into the system and to squeeze out the maximum utility of any device. The modular architecture of MonGuard allows easy plug-in of analysis and AI tools as required.



MonGaurd platform will help improve operational functions in an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). The platform will also enable to serve more advanced metering customers and deliver reliable and cost-effective energy services to improve quality of life for customers. MonGuard can be easily extended to create secure and sustainable solutions to help customers save energy and cost.

Oil & Gas

MonGuard platform has an excellent record of monitoring, managing and maintaining mission critical systems over a wide geographical area. With industrial IoT devices which provide the reliability and security required for such operations the platform makes it convenient to have smooth operations which translate to added productivity and real-time system analysis with deep operational transparency.

Health Care

The essential pillars of MonGuard platform, that of security, mission-criticality, and easy extensibility, make the platform an ideal ecosystem for the health care devices. Right from the data collection point to the analytical reports that nurses, doctors, patients and administrators receive are all managed quite gracefully by the platform. In additional to on-boarding any medical device, the security of the communications, storage and cloud are ensured to provide real-time conformance standards.

Case Studies

Meter Swap and Read Monitoring

Utility companies propose that from a consumer perspective, smart metering offers potential benefits to householders. These benefits include, a) an end to estimated bills, which are a major source of complaints for many customers b) a tool to help consumers better manage their energy purchases - stating that smart meters with a display outside their homes could provide up-to-date information on water, gas and electricity consumption and in doing so help people to manage their energy use and reduce their energy bills.    --  Download full report

Water Leak Detection

There are various causes of leaks to utility water systems. The leaks can be caused by natural or man-made events or by equipment failures. Utilities need to locate these leaks as quickly as possible before they cause a lot of damage. Our currently operational systems are providing real time alerts of any such leaks – and a peace of mind for both utilities and cities.   --  Download full report

Gas Leak Detection

Gas detectors are used in applications such as gas turbines, building and construction, health care, food and beverages, water treatment, oil and gas refineries, chemical plants, underground gas storage.   --  Download full report


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